The Mileage Book Generator

Version 3.5


The Mileage Book Generator is designed to generate reports with a random set of vehicle Mileage Book records, based on your preferences. Optionally, the reports may include a weekly scheduled records.

The aim of this project is to provide self-employers, entrepreneurs and organizations with simulated Mileage Book data to test their own bookkeeping software and procedures.

To generate the Mileage Book report you need to enter:

In 'Common Data':

In 'Business Days':

In 'Destinations':

Then just click on 'Generate Report' and get the generated data. The report will be in CSV format, you can upload it into Windows Excel, any editor or other your favorite software.

Click here to download example of 1 year report (business usage 70%).
Note: gaps in odometer readings mean personal trips, which should not be listed in the Mileage Book.

It's free and easy to use. Enjoy!

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